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Celebrate the sacred bond of togetherness and eternal love with Anniversary cakes home delivery in Jaipur

Marriage is a sacred institution which stands strong on the pillars of trust, love and understanding. It is not merely a social bond of two people, but it is a pious promise between two souls vowing to each other that they both will always be there to support and uplift each other in the ups and downs of life. An annual remembrance of this beautiful selfless bond of marriage is through the wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversaries remind us of the nostalgic times of patience, perseverance and faith which helped both the partners in understanding each other better and loving each other more with each coming day. Thus it is vital to rejoice the journey of togetherness and trust by sending the cakes for anniversary celebration from MrGiftWala. The specially decorated anniversary cakes will make the special day more unforgettable for the couple and their family & friends.

Send exquisite premium cakes on anniversary of the charming couple

At MrGiftWala you get amazing premium cakes in varied flavours and designs. These cakes look ravishing and taste extremely yummy. These mouth-watering pieces of beauty are delivered at the doorstep of your loved ones. They mark the significance of the day and are a perfect gift to order for a lovely couple on their anniversary. You can buy anniversary cakes online and send a beautiful cake at the doorstep of the couple and contribute to the happiness in their life. You can get these gorgeous cakes in the following flavours:

  • Black Forest Cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Butterscotch Cake
  • Pineapple Cake
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Mango Cake
  • Mix Fruit Cake

Go for out of the box options when you order designer cake

The most special day in the life of a couple demands an extra effort by their well-wishers. This can be done by gifting them a wedding or anniversary cake that is unique and amazingly delectable in flavour. If you wish to order designer cakes for a couple for their anniversary, then you may look at the following exclusive tastes:
Nougat Cake

  • Coffee Chocolate Cake
  • Tiramisu Cake
  • Nutella Cheesecake
  • Romantic Chocolate Affair Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Flowery Cake
  • Mousse Chocolate Cake

Gift premium cakes on Anniversary to make the bash a successful one!

At every wedding or anniversary, there is a lot of scopes to be creative and decorative. People can make their fantasies come true in the form of splendid decorations, great arrangements or warm and cozy setups. Whatever be the scale of the grandeur of the party, one thing that is common is the cake. The cakes for Anniversary celebration can be made extremely special without shelling a bomb on it. At MrGiftWala, you can buy various types of cakes like photo cakes for Anniversary or even heart-shaped cakes to surprise the couple on their anniversary. Here are enlisted, some of the exquisite cakes made especially for the anniversary of a couple:

  • Orange Cake

This is a real eggless cake which has a burst of citrus flavour of orange in its every bite. This is a light density cake with decorations made from the whipped cream. You can buy Anniversary cakes online in fresh fruit flavours like the Orange Cake that will spread a breeze of freshness in the ambience of the party.

  • Choco Liquid Cake

An eggless cake that looks tempting and tastes heavenly. It has a beautiful design of dripping rich dark chocolate all around it, making it all the more attractive. It is garnished with dark chocolate pieces on the top along with oodles of whipped chocolate buttercream to make it more alluring.

  • Double Heart Anniversary Cake

You can now order online heart-shaped cakes for anniversary of your loved ones. However, this cake is an amalgamation of two heart shaped cakes which makes it ever more lovey-dovey. This super cake is available in four flavours, namely, chocolate, butterscotch, black forest and pineapple. This cake can be a perfect option to consider for the milestone anniversaries like the tenth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth anniversaries and so on. You can also send heart-shaped flower arrangements with this cake to have a mini heart theme gifts delivery.

  • Royal Icing Cupcakes

To move a little away from the mainstream option of Anniversary cakes home delivery in Jaipur, you can send strikingly charming cupcakes for your loved ones on their anniversaries. You get a pack of seven delicious cupcakes in the flavour of your choice. This is a great option if there is a private rendezvous happening in place of an exuberant party and only close friends and family members are present.

  • Photo Anniversary Cake

This is the most preferred cake for anniversaries. You can personalise this cake with your choice of flavour, design and the photograph! The warm photograph manifesting the emotion of love and affection is sure to make everyone feel nostalgic and beloved. Thus, this cake will be the star of the show as it will be appreciated by everybody very much.

  • Three Tier Cake

This three-floor cake will make all the heads turn with its grand form. This cake is also available in a tropical theme with decorations of vibrant fondant flowers and green leaves that will make it beauty in itself. This cake requires a lot of preparation and finishing. Therefore it is advisable to give an order of this cake, one day before the delivery date so that it can be prepared with full heart and soul.

  • Chocolate Cake for Love

This is a very chocolaty eggless cake and is perfect to gift to your spouse on your anniversary date. If your husband or wife thinks they are the biggest chocolate fans on this earth, then this cake is for them. You can order online heart-shaped cakes for anniversary in this chocolate flavour also. This will surely win the hearts of everybody and especially the chocolate lover’s hearts.

Give the love of your life complimenting gift item with the anniversary cake

It is justified if your husband or wife demands more pampering on this special day. After all, they have been with you through thick and thin and showering them with gifts and cakes will only acknowledge all that they have done for you. There are many couple friendly gifts on MrGiftWala that will look perfectly apt to gift on this special day. You can have a look at the following combos to give with your specially chosen cake:

  • Flowers bouquet

This can be arranged in vase, basket or a bunch. You can also send heart-shaped flower arrangements for the couple.

  • Chocolates hamper

A beautiful box of premium chocolates is sure to add on to the complete gifts set in an alluring way.

  • Couple Mugs

Couple mug sets like a set of two I Love You mugs, Mr Right and Mrs Always Right mug, etc. also make a perfect gift set to a couple on their anniversary day.

  • Personalised Printed T-Shirts

You can get a nostalgic and memorable photograph get printed on a t-shirt at MrGiftWala. Your spouse will be reminded of your eternal love whenever they see and wear that t-shirt.

Let your presence be felt even if you’re far away from your spouse

The beautiful day of anniversary is special because the couple celebrates it together. But, if due to some reason you are away from your husband or wife on this auspicious day, then you can make your heartfelt presence felt by sending Anniversary cakes to them along with some gifts that will make up for your absence to some extent. You can send personalised greeting cards to them too so that you can tell your true feelings of love in it. You can send a lovely Happy Anniversary card or a Thinking of You card for your loved ones when you order for them Anniversary cakes home delivery in Jaipur.

Make every precious moment count with heart-warming presents

With the most special day of the year in a couple’s life, it is imperative to make every second of it count. This will make it more and more memorable for both of them. You can throw a gala night party or a close friends’ get together, whatever you do remember that the essence of the celebration is to mark the sacred bond between the couple. To have a rocking start with a blast at the celebration, order designer and premium cakes from MrGiftWala. You can have heart-shaped cakes, three-tier cakes, intense chocolate cakes, rich icing cupcakes, fresh fruits flavour cake and photo cakes for Anniversary of the charming couple.
It is the little-little steps that we take for our loved ones that make a big and significant difference in our relationships. The power of expressing your feelings is so great that it clears all the misconceptions and misunderstandings. We may at times take our most close people for granted, but it is never too late to pour loads and loads of love on them because they are the ones who stand by us no matter what and they deserve every bit of pampering in the word.

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