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Buy red velvet cakes online and make your loved one’s big day surprisingly velvety and amazing

We all love to share our life with the ones we feel connected with. Life is dull without celebrations, and without celebrations, life is so dull. Success parties’, birthdays these all are the indirect ways to get a chance to enjoy the precious moments of our lives with our dearest ones. And celebration is all about dancing together and craving for the yummy food. Being an Indian we can ignore the food and ignore the dessert is not our cup of tea. Our eyes are already still as we see the cake entering. Cakes are not only a dessert made of a loaf of bread with different flavors of icing, but it is also a magnet which pulls all the humans towards itself. No matter whether you are a foodie or not, your stomach is always empty when you hear the word cake. Cakes are mandatory to complete all the occasions. And if you are finding it difficult to get a yummy and different cake as per your choice, then we at MrGiftWala has prepared a long list of cakes on our portal, which will surely help you to get the perfect cake for you.
Let’s have a look at the list of our special cakes you can try

Order red velvet cakes online

The red velvet cakes are in the latest trend so why not try this yummy, delicious cake this time. Well this cake suits the occasion of Valentine’s Day in a perfect way, red is the color of love, so why not celebrate this festival of love by cutting a red velvet cake. This yummy handcrafted red velvet cake will leave its yumminess on your tongue, and the fragrance of this sweet tooth will not let you stop licking your fingers. Send red velvet cakes online from our website that too at a very amazing price.

Set of 2 flaming red velvet jar cake

If you wish to order red velvet cakes online, then you can try this delicious set of 2 flaming red velvet jar cake from our online portal MrGiftWala. The jar consists of yummy, mouthwatering layers of red velvet sponge laden with classic American cream. You can order this cake online for yourself, or you can buy red velvet Anniversary cakes online to gift it to your loved ones.

Emoticon cakes

The first to top the chart of the most trending cakes are the emotion cakes. They look appealing and cool as well. We have the cool dada emoji cake, which is circular and the glasses and moustache are drawn very neatly on the cake surface. This can be the aptest birthday present for your father; you can also present him this cake as congratulation token. We also have an emoji cake where the emoji is wearing specs and has a typical moustache and an eyebrow, the emoticon cakes are the best in the current scenario as the humans around the world are already busy in sending emoticons, so why not put these emoticon in the shape of a cake and bring a million dollar smile on your fathers face.
Especial cakes for the children ‘

Kitty cake

The cake is one of the favourite dishes of all the children, for children birthday parties is all about getting a chance to eat a yummy cake. On our website, you can easily get different types of cakes which will be perfect for your child’s birthday party. One of the famous cakes for the girls is the kitty cake. The cake weighs half a kg, and the kitty is designed beautifully on the surface of the cake which will surely impress your baby girl. You can buy red velvet cakes online for your child’s birthday if you want to try something new.

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Bear face cakes

Bear is the most favourite animals of the children; where ever they look they get to see a picture of a bear. Be it on the cartoon channels or in the books, and hence bears fascinate tiny toddlers most amazingly. You can choose you to order gift for kids with bear face cake for your child’s birthday celebration. The bear face cake weighs about half a kg and is perfectly shaped like the face of the bear. All the people like the cream and the bread we use. If in case you’re out of the town for some reason then you can send red velvet cakes online to your child with the help of our online portal.
We present before you many unique gifts which you can choose to gift your near ones and make them feel special. Let’s have a look at some interesting items you can find on our website.


A comfy cushion is a brilliant idea to gift to a person. If you are thinking that we are suggesting you gift just a plain cushion as a birthday gift to someone then you are wrong, we are talking about the picture cushions. You can buy cushions gift with images, as this is the era of selfies and photo freak people gifting a picture cushion is a really good idea. This soft gift will convey your soft feelings to your love. You can gift a picture cushion to your partner with a couple picture inside it.
You can also order ceramic coffee mugs online at a very reasonable price. The biggest advantage of gifting a coffee mug is that it is useful in the day to day life. You can do red velvet cakes online delivery along with a coffee mug. A yummy cake with a coffee mug is a perfect idea for a great gift combo. You can also send personalized bottle lamp online from our website MrGiftWala. A personalized lamp is a beautiful gift; you can present it to anyone be to your partner or your sibling. The wide variety of gifts you may find on our website is of no match, and most importantly we look after the budget of our customers properly.
Well, we all love giving materialistic things as presents, but with the emerging need of environment concerns gifting plants has also become very trendy in recent times. Plants are the purifiers of air; you can choose to gift different plants from our online store MrGiftWala. You can order bonsai plants online that too at a very reasonable price. You can find many other gardening accessories on our store which you can choose to gift to a person whom you know is a great nature lover.
You can buy indoor plants online such as the lucky bamboo plant, money plant and also the tulsi plant. The tulsi plant is of high medicinal value, and it’s considered as one of the most sacred plants according to the Hindu mythology. It is used to cure diseases such as asthma, cold and many others. The indoor plant such as the money plant is considered as a symbol of good omen. If you want you can choose to gift your dear ones a lucky bamboo tree with a celebration pack. Plants are known to disperse positivity in the atmosphere, so order any plant without worrying about the delivery.
If you are not interested in sending single gift items then either you can order gift combos from our store, or you can send gift baskets online to your loved ones. We have different kinds of gift baskets as per the occasion, e.g. we have a girlish basket which includes nail paints, kajal, chocolates, and foundations, you can gift the basket to your mother, wife, sister or girlfriend.
We also have a festive basket which includes fruits, dry fruits, and chocolates. We have unique baskets which you can choose to gift to your partner on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.
We understand that though technology has made vast changes even at the current time, it’s not possible that we close our eyes and reach the place we wish to go. Distances still trouble us, but we you are willing to send you’re token of love to your love at their doorsteps then we are here to assist you.
You can easily do red velvet cakes online home delivery in Jaipur or any other city with the help of our website. It is effortless for you to send red velvet cakes online India by sitting at your place, in your comfort zone at just a single click.
We understand the value of your time, so we have already prepared the list of cakes on our website, you can find any of the trending cake designs here. You can do red velvet cakes online delivery in Jaipur, and we assure you to deliver this yummy cake at your doorsteps at the perfect time. We provide you with the option of sending red velvet cakes online India which you won’t find easily on the other websites.
Don’t waste your time searching for things in the market which you can order sitting at your place.

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