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Coffee chocolate cake

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Double floor chocolate cake

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Chocolate glaze

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Almond chocolate cake

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Silk chocolate cake

  • 5.00 out of 5
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Royal chocolate

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Doremon photo cake ₹890

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Double story cake

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Choco love cake

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Chocolate oreo cake

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Five star chocolate cake

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Dark Chocolate

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Indulge your loved ones in an irresistible chocolate temptation and get chocolate cake home delivery in Jaipur

The luscious and ever tempting chocolate cake is now ready to be ordered, and it will make any occasion a sweet and yummy extravaganza. The chocolate cake is loved by all, elders, young children and small kids and is a great treat to be given to everybody on any special day. The rich and delicious taste of chocolate cake will make all the people eat it more and more and will even attract those who may be on a diet! Let your birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and special days like mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day etc. be merrier by having the most beautiful and yummiest chocolate cake to cut and eat. You can order online chocolate cake from MrGiftWala along with flower bouquet delivery and get the box of joy delivered at your doorstep on the same day.

Gift your special ones their birthday gift by ordering chocolate cake midnight delivery in Jaipur

There is something very deeply special about the birthday of a person. Rather than being just an annual affair of celebrating the ageing of one person, birthdays are events that spread love and harmony to everyone involved. It makes the day memorable for them too as they also enjoy the day with equal happiness. When the day is so special, then it is best not to waste any second of it and start celebrating from midnight itself. Thus, to make the birthday boy or girl feel like the most special person in the world, go for the chocolate cake midnight delivery in Jaipur by MrGiftWala and let the gala time begin. You can also buy eggless chocolate cakes online if you wish to have delicious eggless cakes. If rich and dark chocolate is what you wish for, then you can buy truffle cake online and see everyone getting mesmerized after having the first bite of the cake.

Why wait for a special occasion? Now turn every mundane day into a delightful event by ordering the chocolate cake

Let us not wait for any particular special day to come so that we can have a playful excuse to eat our favourite chocolate cake; it is not necessary to only buy chocolate cake for birthday. Rather than that, we can order online chocolate cake and relish it without any need for a reason to have a big bite of the tasty cake. At MrGiftWala, to make all the celebrations a huge hit, you can order various types of chocolate cakes. Some of them are:

  • Chocolate Oreo Cake

This cake is a heavenly combination of the rich chocolate and crunchy oreo biscuits. This is a perfect cake to gift an oreo lover.

  • The Classic Chocolate Heaven Cake

This cake is the evergreen chocolate cake with creamy chocolate layers in between and chocolate icing on the top. This one is perfect when you have to buy chocolate cake for birthday as it will be loved by everyone.

  • Coffee Chocolate Cake

This cake is a delectable one with a right blend of coffee flavour in it making it amazingly awesome to eat. This one is a hit among the coffee lovers. You can send this cake for girlfriend or boyfriend if they are a coffee fan too.

  • Chocolate Walnut Cake

This cake has the most lovable combination of walnuts and chocolate. The walnuts add both, crunch and richness to the cake making it perfect for a chocolate cake home delivery in Jaipur.

  • Almond Chocolate Cake

With adding one more wonderful flavour of chocolate cake in our collection of amazing chocolate cakes so that you can buy eggless chocolate cakes online, here is presenting you the star of all cakes, the almond chocolate cake. The interesting combination of almond and chocolate makes it simply irresistible and the yummiest of all cakes.

  • Chocolate Truffle Cake

This is the most adored cake in recent years and loved by all age groups. This is a dense chocolate cake with an intense chocolate cream layering inside its layers. This cake can be sent as a special valentine’s day cake to your chosen one so that the day becomes more memorable for you two.

  • Chocolate Photo Cake

Photo cakes are gaining popularity these days. The chocolate photo cake can be customized with any photograph of your choice to make it look more personalized. With the rich chocolate flavour and a beautiful photograph this cake wins everybody’s hearts. It can be sent as one of the anniversary gifts to your close ones to mark the greatness of the day.

  • Double Tier Chocolate Cake

This cake defines grandeur like none other cake. It is a classic cake for weddings and grand functions. It looks royal and gives a feeling of magnificence when looked at. No wonder it is a treat to the eyes and quite an enjoyable cake for the gathering too.

Send special presents to make every day beautiful and cherished

At MrGiftWala, you get amazing combos of various gift items so that you can choose the most preferred among them and personalise your gift as per your wish. You can buy chocolate cake combos online where you get interesting add-ons with your choice of chocolate cake. Some of the combos are:
Flower and Chocolate Cake: You can send flower n cakes to your loved ones to make the gift something gorgeous and dreamy. It is all up to you if you intend to send the flowers in a bunch or a bouquet.
Greeting Card and Chocolate Cake: You can send a personalised greeting card with a message to tell your feelings with the chocolate cake. This will be genuinely a rememberable gift which will be recalled down the memory lane.
Teddy Bear and Chocolate Cake: This is an awesome combination which is loaded with cuteness. It is perfect to be sent to anyone who loves soft toys and chocolates.

You can also personalise your combos and get other gift items with the chocolate cake. You can have a look at other available combos when you buy chocolate cake combos online from MrGiftWala. This will be surely a pleasant surprise when your friends and family will receive the gift that you ordered for them. It will make the bond of love and care stronger and will fill the air with the emotion of happiness all around.
Order cakes that are exquisite and splendid!
At MrGiftWala you get a prospect to buy beautiful and lovely chocolate cakes that are better than the rest. You can also get premium cakes that are designed more intricately and have an extravagant feel to them. These cakes can be ordered for weddings, anniversaries or parties that are grand in their appeal.
You can also get various flavours of mug cakes at MrGiftWala. These mug cakes can be available in the following flavours:

  • Classic Chocolate Vanilla
  • Chocolate Tiramisu
  • Intense Chocolate

Thus, at MrGiftWala you have chocolate cakes available in each and every form that is sure to be loved and relished.

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Best quality chocolate cakes at the best prices

At MrGiftWala we prioritise quality the most. Whether it is edible or inedible gifts. Each and every product that we deliver with affection at your doorstep is made sure to be of the top-notch quality so that your gifts always speak volumes about your feelings. You can send chocolate cakes online without worrying about the quality and design of the cakes. At MrGiftWala, we never compromise on the quality of the gifts, but that does not imply that we keep soaring high prices. All our gifts are priced at the most competitive prices. You can also buy the gifts at their discounted prices from our website so that you save the hard earned money wherever possible. After all, it is said that “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Thus, with the right gifts at the right prices, it is up to you now to start ordering the gifts and give us an opportunity to serve you better through delivering the wonderful chosen gifts.

Various occasions, one favourite cake!

The chocolate cake was an all-time favourite cake, is an all-time favourite cake and will always remain a favourite cake for many people. The density and designs of the chocolate cake may keep on changing with the demand of the taste, but in a nutshell, the preference will always be that of a chocolate cake and also get butterscotch cake delivery. Be it any of the day in the Valentine’s Day week, where you want to send Teddy Day gifts, Rose Day gifts, Propose Day gifts, Kiss Day gifts and the main Valentine’s Day gift, a perfect gift suited for the occasion with a chocolate cake will do wonders and bring a permanent smile on your partner’s face. So send chocolate cakes online to the people that make your life more beautiful and loving and make them joyous to show your love to them. At MrGiftWala, we make sure that your bond with every loved one stays strong and warm always.

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