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Send the gift of ‘luck & love’ and order lucky bamboo home delivery in Jaipur

Lucky Bamboo, as the same suggests is a plant that brings with itself lots of good luck with it, according to the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. This is mainly an indoor plant that is gaining popularity among the people these days. It is because of its radiating attractiveness that it has become a favourite item to gift in basket. The lucky bamboo plant is a low maintenance plant and thus because it can be easily taken care of by anybody. It would be interesting to know the following two facts:

  • The pedigree of the lucky bamboo plant belongs to that of the lily plant family and not the actual bamboo plant!
  • Dracaena sanderiana is the botanical name given to the Lucky Bamboo Plant.

However, it is said that “What is there in a name?”. Our favourite good luck plant, the lucky bamboo plant, has also got many other names in varied cultures. Some of the names are:

  • Ribbon Plant
  • Friendship Bamboo
  • Curly Bamboo
  • Belgian Evergreen
  • Chinese Water Bamboo
  • Goddess of Mercy Plant

Thus, with such exciting information on the lucky bamboo plant, you will feel that you are giving something very considerate to your loved ones when you send lucky bamboo home delivery in Jaipur through MrGiftWala.

Send gifts of Good Luck Plants that grow into beautiful memories!

The best part of giving green gifts to someone is not just that they are eco-friendly gifts and are a good gesture towards the environment, but looking at the emotional aspect of it as well, these green gifts are living creatures, they will grow with time into pleasant moments that will teach us patience, perseverance and pouring in love daily to things we want to nourish for life. The lucky bamboo plant if taken care of with a little more consideration can grow up to two to three feet in its height! Thus, this heavenly gift does not only give us good luck and prosperity but also provides us with an opportunity to see it in its full beauty when taken care of correctly. At MrGiftWala you get the best lucky bamboo India for sending it to your family and friends and making their lives more and more delightful with each passing day. This auspicious lucky bamboo plant will bring in good light of divinity in everybody’s lives.

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Order thoughtful gifts to make a good impression on the people

At MrGiftWala, we make sure that the gifts your loved ones receive are convenient for them to use and carry. They are designed keeping the practical factors in mind and thus, they are the best. You can get your splendid lucky bamboo plant in the following containers and out of them, you may choose the one that matches with the feasibility and ease of your family and friends when you send lucky bamboo tree online. Here is a look at the available options of the containers of the lucky bamboo plant:

  • Jute Bag:

You can get lucky bamboo plant gift options in cream and brown coloured jute bags. These are extremely handy bags and are the best options when one thinks of ease in mobility.

  • Durable Melamine White Vase:

This is a classic white melamine vase that will gel with any sort of surroundings. They will look great on a living room table or an office table as well.

  • Personalised Ceramic Pots:

These are the most widely used pots with lucky bamboo plants. They also look graceful in any location, and their placement enhances the place up to many folds. You can order lucky bamboo with personalized pot online and send it to the most special people in your life.

You can also get the ceramic pots personalised with the following popular quotes when you send lucky bamboo tree online:

  • Happy Birthday Quote
  • I love you so much quote
  • Photograph customisations on the pot
  • Orchid Metal Pot:

This exotic metal pot can be available in two types of metals, namely copper and brass. They give a rustic and sophisticated feel to the whole set up at the same time making it a classy gift to send to your close ones.

  • Transparent Glass Vase:

This is also one of the elegant looking vases, and it will look beautiful in every place. It will act as a décor item in your living room, and as it is already transparent, it can go very well with any colour combination set up also. This vase also compliments the artificial plants, foliage plants and other good luck plants extremely well.

  • Ceramic Mugs:

There are different types of ceramic mugs available like a black mug, white mug, photograph mug and smiley mug to bring a quirky essence to the whole lucky bamboo plant. The handles in these cups or mugs make it easy to carry them and to take care of them.

  • Jute Covered Glass Vase:

These interesting vases have the look of jute, but because of the glass base, they have a structured body. They come in beautiful designs and colour combinations as well which makes them best lucky bamboo India to send as a gift to someone.

  • Round Glass Potpourri Vase:

This round glass vase is an amalgamation of a fish glass bowl and a round terrarium bowl. This gives a chic look to the gift, and it magnifies the beauty of the lucky bamboo plant too. The transparent covering enables us to see if the soil is drying up, overly watered etc. Therefore it makes our work of maintenance easier.

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Make the green gift more lucky for your special someone

Is there anything such as too much of good luck? Absolutely not!

At MrGiftWala, you can make your lucky bamboo plant gift the star of the celebration by adding with it wonderful things as a combo. You can go through the wide variety of available combos and then can make a rational decision before you send the lucky bamboo home delivery in Jaipur. The following combos are there to elevate your gift and make your present an outstanding one:

  • Choose to buy lucky bamboo and cake online:

With delicious flavours of cakes like the delectable butterscotch cake, black forest cake or the deep chocolate truffle cake, you can now buy lucky bamboo and cake online and get it delivered right at the doorstep of your loved ones.

  • Auspicious Buddha idol with the lucky bamboo plant:

You can choose a combo of Lord Buddha with the lucky bamboo plant to make your present more sacred and auspicious. This will be an epitome of peace and good luck and will be considered as a very elegant gift to send someone. You can also choose to give four small laughing buddha statues instead of one buddha idol to make to make your present look more pleasant.

  • Set of prosperous plants:

You can send a set of three very prosperous plants namely, MILT Sansevieria Plant, Three Layer Bamboo Plant and Jade /Crassula Ovata Plant.  These plants come in beautiful red packaging with colourful threads tied in a bow on them. These plants will bring loads of prosperity and good energy into the houses of your close acquaintances.

  • Women’s Day Hamper:

This magnificent hamper contains gifts that will pamper the most special women in your life along with giving them good luck in their lives. This women’s special hamper contains a box of premium chocolates, a personalised photograph cushion and a lucky bamboo plant in a personalised photo mug. This makes it is super-gift to send to the super-woman of your life.

  • Floral adornments:

You can further beautify your combo by sending with it awesome artificial plants,

Foliage plants and flowering plants online. Sending these jewelled plants with the lucky bamboo plants will make your gift a perfect gift to embellish the garden of your family and friends. It will add to the lush greenery of the surroundings and will make the garden more lively and vibrant. The bright floral colours with a tinge of green will make the place heavenly to live in. You can also buy separately exotic flowering plants online only at MrGiftWala according to your preferences.

Deliver the gifts that are a perfect mix of good luck and prosperity!

Although there are no ground rules to send somebody any gift. It is all up to your feelings of love and affection which make you choose the perfect gift for the people that matter the most in your life. The lucky bamboo plant also has many significance. It represents all the five elements of the Feng Shui which help us live in harmony. They are wood, water, earth, fire and metal. Adding to it, even the different number of stalks on the lucky bamboo plant denotes a different meaning:

  • Two stems talks represent love and marriage
  • Three stems denote happiness
  • Five stems are for good health of the person and their family
  • Eight stems represent flourishing wealth and abundance
  • Nine stems imply the good fortune

Thus, with these thoughtful insights, it is best to order lucky bamboo with personalised pot online and wish every special person in your life good luck, good health and a good fortune through your brilliant gift.

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