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The first impression is the last impression they say. On your Wedding Day, where you want nothing but the best in everything, you know that the foremost thing that will catch the attention of the invitees is the decoration of your venue. This decoration will reflect your personality, and like all other things, it also has to be a perfect amalgamation of cost-effectiveness and beautiful results. There are ‘n’ numbers of Wedding Decoration Ideas available at your disposal so that you get to choose the one which best fits your budget and makes you feel happy with the decorations also.

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Weddings can be a huge affair, especially if you are from India. There is so much planning and arranging and organizing involved that you feel better to hand it over to a team of professionals, rather than running around and not enjoying your most special day. To take care of the decorations at your wedding, we at MrGiftWala have various marriage decoration packages that will help you to choose the one that you desire. You can also customize these packages and discuss with our Wedding Party Organisers about the Wedding Decoration Ideas. Let these decorations light up your wedding and contribute to making your wedding day more special!

Floral Decorations that win everybody’s hearts:

Flowers have a charm that no one can resist. Be it the wedding functions before the wedding day or be it the main wedding day itself, a beautiful combination of flowers put in an arrangement that makes it a part of the wedding décor is a sure hit to win everybody’s heart. The Party Flower Decoration ideas given by MrGiftWala, the best wedding outdoor decorator in Jaipur, considers some of the following points while deciding your floral decorations.

  • Your choice of ambiance:

Whether you want to create a classic ambiance with the most used flowers in marriage decoration packages or you want to use sharp contrasting colors of flowers to make it the most eye-catching thing in your wedding venue, the choice is yours. Let this sow your persona and slowly watch your imagination of perfect wedding decoration come to life.

  • Your budget capacity:

We know that during wedding planning the money just flows like a river and it is very important to act wisely and restrict yourself to a maximum budget which you are willing to spend on various things. Depending on your budget and your design, we can choose a combination of real and artificial flowers so that you do not have to compromise with the look of the Party Flower Decoration. Our team of wedding organizers in Jaipur will make sure that you get the best quote for your choice of decoration and that you are more than happy with the final results.

  • Your choice of flowers:

There may be some flowers which you definitely want at your wedding, being the best wedding outdoor decorator in Jaipur we will decorate the venue with your choice of most preferred flowers.

  • Some greens too for a change:

You can also include small and pretty bonsais near the entrances or near the flower vases so that it gives a fresh look to the whole ambiance. It will give a unique look to the floral decoration, and your flowers will stand out more if they are kept in vases between small bonsais.

Non-Floral Decoration Ideas by the Wedding Party Organisers:

Now your dream wedding is not just in your head. The humongous number of decoration ideas can make your dream wedding turn into a reality. You can go through the following ideas that will help you in choosing the correct design for the decoration:

  • Drapes on the Ceiling and Walls:

You can go classic and chic with this approach of decoration and see the wonders of what a piece of fabric can do to elevate the look of the venue. Your combination of colors play a major role here as their subtlety, or their brightness will change the vibe drastically. You can even have a contrasting combination of colors that your wedding dress so that you stand out from the backdrop in the wedding photographs.

  • Going ‘Lit’ all the way:

Be it pretty table lamps on the guests’ tables, or exuberant chandeliers at the welcome gallery, the bling from these items indeed light up not only the venue but also they serve as an exquisite piece of decoration item in the wedding décor.

  • Hanging Paper Lanterns:

If you are planning to get married in the Pink City of India, Jaipur, then the wedding decorations Jaipur can help you plan your wedding with great pomp and show making it a day to remember for you and your close ones for life. While thinking of decoration ideas, MrGiftWala’s Wedding Planners in Jaipur can also put into use paper lanterns in all shapes and sizes. These paper lanterns can fill up the ceiling in a very affordable price bracket and help you use up the remaining budget in your other expenses. Not only do they look great, but their eco-friendly nature also makes them the most desired things of decoration in the youth today.

  • Photobooths for the entertainment:

It is important to take note of the entertainment of your guests as it should be an enjoyable day for them also. You can have sections in your wedding venue dedicated to photo booths where you can have funky props kept and shimmering backdrops on standees so that the guests can go and get themselves clicked there. You can also have a wedding photographer assigned for that particular section only so that all the happy memories of your esteemed guests are captured too.

Go for a theme in pre-wedding functions!

At MrGiftWala, our team of wedding organizers in Jaipur also arrange for themed decorations. If you are planning to do a wedding according to Hindu and Sikh traditions, then the pre-wedding functions of Mehendi and Sangeet can be in color-coordinated themes that complement the occasion to make it look totally bang-on for the day. You can go for basics including the shades of greens, yellows, and oranges and make it a traditional hit, or you can go for different themes like Bollywood Theme, Retro Theme or Romantic Theme to give a different angle to the same event. Here you have the liberty to choose the theme according to your fantasies and watch us work our magic in wedding decorations Jaipur.

Best Wishes Gifts for the close-ones:

There is a lot of gifts’ exchange during weddings. It is the time where everybody wants to be pampered with gifts, tokens of love, lots of yummy food and parlor visits to make one look the best version of themselves. At MrGiftWala, the best Wedding Organisers in Jaipur we have wedding gifts like Fruit Baskets which you can send to your close relatives as a token of love. You can also choose from other gift options like jewelry, photo frames or idols of Ganesha, Buddha, and Radha-Krishna to make the gift more auspicious. You can even send Chocolate Hampers, Dry Fruits Hampers, Indian Sweets and Snacks Hampers with your wedding cards according to your choice and budget.

At the end of the day, make it your day!

You may be surrounded by many people around you all the time giving their share of suggestions for the wedding decorations. Take some cue from them but let this be your calling at the end of the day. Let the decoration ideas that you choose reflect your charismatic personality and let everyone b in awe of it. Discuss with your would-be life partner about how you want to go about your wedding decoration and let consensus between you two be the deciding factor in the wedding decoration designs. It is the most special day of your life, and different side of life is waiting for you on the other end, so it is better to own the day that will be the D-Day of your life and plan your wedding according to your wish.
We at MrGiftWala will be fortunate to be your Wedding Planners in Jaipur and will make sure that we deliver the results that will make you the happiest. From scratch until the end, our team of wedding planners is always available with you in planning your wedding be it related to the wedding gifts to the relatives, your wedding venue’s floral and non-floral decoration or assisting in the food caterers, we at MrGiftWala are always by your side to make your wedding as hustle free as possible and make sure everything goes smoothly and as per the planning.

Let the new chapter begin…

With so many ideas that too keeping in mind the affordability factor for your wedding planning and wedding decoration, it is up to you now to contact us to start the planning process. As all good things take time, starting the planning process on time will give us more options to browse through and finalize the ones where you are the happiest and satisfied person on the planet with your wedding decorations.

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